Manfried Lautenschlaeger Award

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Dr David Leech has received the prestigious Manfred Lautenschlaeger Award from Heidelberg University for his book 'The Hammer of the Cartesians: Henry More’s Philosophy of Spirit and the Origins of Modern Atheism' (Peeters, 2013), which examines – through an analysis of an episode in the evolution of the concept of spiritual substance – how conceptual changes in early modern metaphysics were an ingredient in the origins of modern speculative atheism. This prize is awarded annually to the ten best doctoral or first post-doctoral works on the topic of religion. In addition to the prize of $10.000 each, the winners have the chance to propose an international and interdisciplinary colloquium on an important academic topic. Each year two Lautenschlaeger Colloquia are supported with 15.000 € each.
Granting OrganisationsHeidelberg University