8083 ERC Advanced DOGMATRON J Clayden

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The EU-funded DOGMATRON project will develop new classes of extended dynamic molecules that respond to their environment by changing shape. They will receive, communicate, amplify, transmit and process information encoded in their molecular conformation and orientation. These switchable synthetic molecules, which will be designed and synthesised within the project, will be capable of information-handling functions that go beyond the current limits of synthetic structures. The project will also develop new methods to explore their kinetics and thermodynamics. Ultimately, these chemical systems will take information from the environment and process it into chemical function. Applications for these synthetic communication systems will see them being embedded into cell membranes to communicate with both artificial vesicles and living cells.
Alternative titleArtificial Translation with Dynamic Foldamers: Relaying Encoded Messages into Chemical Function
Effective start/end date1/10/2030/09/25


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