A longitudinal study of the service use and need of homeless women

  • Williamson, Emma (Principal Investigator)
  • Abrahams, Hilary A (Researcher)
  • Cameron, Ailsa M (Researcher)
  • Henry, Lorna W (Researcher)
  • Morgan, Karen J (Researcher)

Project Details


This is a two year longitudinal project, April 2011 – March 2013, which builds on previous work conducted by the research team (Women's mapping project and evaluation of the Women's Night Centre). Its aim is to follow homeless women over a period of 18 months in order to establish their service use and need over time.

This project is a collaboration between the Centre for Gender and Violence Research and the Centre for Research in Health and Social Care.

The Tara Project (a longitudinal study of the needs of homeless women) held two events recently to celebrate the project and as part of the dissemination of the findings
AcronymBristol TARA project
Effective start/end date1/05/111/09/13

Structured keywords

  • PolicyBristolSocialChangeAndDiversity
  • SPS Centre for Research in Health and Social Care
  • SPS Centre for Gender and Violence Research


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