Addressing the public health crisis of child sexual abuse in India

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International Strategic Fund Award (January 2020)

Funding is requested for two trips: 1. Visiting NIMHANS is intended to initiate/develop collaborations for a future project that aims to develop interventions on tackling child sexual abuse (CSA) and associated adversities such as domestic violence in India (NIMHANS). 2. Visiting non-academic institutions who are at the front-line of community engagement and policy/legislative development is crucial at tackling this multi-faceted problem that requires a multidisciplinary approach.
Research Context:
The Indian National Crimes Recrods Bureau (NCRB) report a child is sexually abuse (CSA) every 15 minutes and 53% of children report such abuse by a parent, relative or schoolteacher. Child maltreatment is an adverse childhood experience (ACE) and ACEs are a particular area of expertise for UoB (Population Health Sciences (e.g. Centre for Primary Care, MRC IEU, ALSPAC)).
The aims are to investigate the contextual and cultural determinants of CSA and other early childhood adversities (e.g. physical/emotional abuse) in India through presentations, preliminary interviews and structured patient and public involvement (UoB guidance) to inform the development of research proposals.
Effective start/end date1/01/2031/12/20


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