Anti-Racist Education Forum

Project Details


This project mobilises research, resources, relationships and networks to promote anti-racist learning and action for schools in Bristol, the South-West and beyond. It responds to specific challenges faced by Bristol, where national statistics show the gap between the average attainment of young Black learners and their white peers is amongst the largest anywhere in the country, and research has highlighted “the unrepresentativeness of the curriculum, lack of diversity in teaching staff and school leadership, and poor engagement with parents” (Elahi et al. 2017, p1).
This project supports a range of activities in order to :
•Strengthen connections and networks between individuals and organisations working to address racial inequalities in schools
•Disseminate and contribute to the development of research-informed practices and strategies for racial justice in schools
•Engage teachers, school leaders and other community stakeholders in high-quality collaborative research and action based on local priorities
Effective start/end date1/12/2231/07/23


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