Aquatic environmental DNA for enhanced health and food security in Tanzania

  • Genner, Martin J (Principal Investigator)
  • Collins, Rupert A (Collaborator)
  • Alzaylaee, Hind A O (Student)
  • Mzighani, Semvua (Collaborator)
  • Morgan, Eric (Collaborator)
  • Allan, Fiona (Collaborator)

Project Details


Trace “environmental” DNA (eDNA) in water samples can be analysed to determine the presence and relative abundance of species. This project will evaluate eDNA applications in two sustainable development contexts: 1) surveillance of freshwater trematodes that cause human schistosomiasis, and 2) surveillance of small-bodied nonnative tilapia species that reduce fish yields in aquaculture facilities. The project will build scientific capacity and develop diagnostic tests aimed at improving human health and food security in Africa.
Effective start/end date1/02/1931/07/19


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