Biosphere IV

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Biosphere IV is an evolving performative exploration of living with the uncertainty of climate change. It is inspired by the Biosphere II experiment (Arizona desert, 1990s), in which humans lived in giant biomes to investigate whether an enclosed, artificially-constructed biosphere might sustain organic/ human life. If humans colonised space, could human life be sustained, extra-terrestrially? Might this also be a way of living on Earth in the near future?

Biospheres pose not only scientific questions (is a functioning biosphere possible? And what would it contain?), but significant humanities questions: Why has the idea of a biosphere captured imaginations of the future? Does it offer insight into present understandings of human-environment relations, and living with uncertainty?

Our Brigstow project will focus on the collaborative, interdisciplinary development of a prototype theatre performance, exploring:

● The lived experience of existing in an artificially-constructed biological life support
● The embodied experience of adapting as micro-climatic conditions change.
● How a performance actively engages with cultural, humanities-based dialogues surrounding the representation of natural life within art.
Effective start/end date19/01/1731/07/17


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