Bristol Carescapes

  • Lariviere, Matthew (Principal Investigator)
  • Tipping, Morgan (Collaborator)

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Layman's description

Developing Matthew’s research into care and ageing futures and Morgan’s practice-led research into experiences of marginalisation within the care system, “Bristol Carescapes” is a project about care futures in Bristol.

Encompassing experiential, explorative and collaborative approaches to exploring and envisaging care futures, the project draws together local creators and people with lived experience of different forms of care (e.g. carers, people with disabilities/chronic illness, frail older adults) to imagine how they would like to experience care in the near and distant future (what it looks like, how it feels, how it makes them feel.

The Ideas Exchange award will allow Morgan and Matthew to build on their previous work. Through facilitating co-creating research processes, we hope to inspire and evoke potential care futures emplaced within the spaces and everyday lives of Bristolians present and future.

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and related lockdown measures have more palpably than ever revealed that we have a crisis in care in the UK. A deprivation of liberty currently shapes the lives of looked-after and care experienced individuals of all ages. This project will configure a platform of collaborative exploration that fosters empowerment and candidacy to co-creatively envisage better, more person-centred futures for care. To live well in the 21st Century, we must learn from the mistakes of the past and present. Care is essential not only for humanity’s survival, but it shapes our values and relations with each other, other species, and the world we inhabit. Caring well is living well.
Effective start/end date19/04/2131/12/22

Structured keywords

  • Digital Societies
  • Ageing Futures
  • SPS Centre for Research in Health and Social Care
  • Care
  • Futures-thinking
  • Arts
  • Co-production


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