British Academy WW20200427 - Decolonising Trafficking and Modern Slavery

  • Martins Junior, Angelo (Principal Investigator)

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The proposed workshop starts from the observation that the mainstream literature on human trafficking, worst forms of child labour, illegal markets and other phenomena described as ‘modern slavery’ in the Global South often employs concepts and theoretical assumptions that do not reflect lived realities of the Global South.
There are now calls to address this problem by attending to Global South scholars’ work on these topics, also to foster communication between South and South, as well as North and South scholars. The proposed workshop, held in Ghana, brings together early career scholars and senior scholars from Ghana, Brazil, and the UK at a three-day writing residential. It aims to develop durable, inclusive, and reciprocal connections necessary to strengthen research capacity in the Global South and theoretical and conceptual capacity in both North and South, and to support Global South scholars contributing to efforts to ‘decolonise trafficking and modern slavery’.
Effective start/end date1/01/2031/12/21


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