CGS: Understanding the cycling of stable isotopes in coastal Antarctic waters

  • Cassarino, Lucie A (Researcher)
  • Henley, Sian F (Researcher)
  • Firing, Yvonne (Researcher)
  • Chen, Tianyu (Researcher)

Project Details


The aim of this CGS project was to examine the biogeochemical cycling of silicon (Si) and nitrogen (N) in surface waters, throughout the water column and in sediments along the west Antarctic Peninsula. Stable isotopic signatures of silicon and nitrogen in each of the different biogeochemical system compo- nents will be used to understand biological production, remineralisation and nutrient recycling processes occurring during sinking and sedimentation of organic matter. Neodymium (Nd) isotopes will be used to trace relevant water masses and local freshwater inputs, with relevance for trace metal fluxes to the water column. These two work packages combined will inform on processes influencing biological drawdown of carbon in this climatically and environmentally-sensitive region, as well as providing insight into the past.

Key findings

Silicon, Nitrogen, West Antatctic Peninsula, nutrient cycle, isotopes
Effective start/end date17/12/1513/01/16


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