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Changing Futures is part of a government funded programme aimed at improving the lives of adults experiencing multiple disadvantages. Changing Futures will work with organisations and people with lived experience to:
Improve the way that local services work, so people can access the support they need more easily
Inform new services, government programmes and policy
Help staff provide fair, accessible long-term services
Promote equality and diversity, and include people with lived experience in designing services

he Applied Research Collaboration West has received funding from the National Institute for Health and Care Research Three Research Schools Mental Health Practice Evaluation Scheme to evaluate the work of Changing Futures. We will look at how Changing Futures can develop better support services for people who’ve experienced trauma and mental distress.

We will:
Explore and compare how organisations can support people with multiple disadvantages through different trauma-informed approaches
Find out what gets in the way of providing trauma-informed care and develop strategies to overcome these issues
Involve practitioners, stakeholders and people with lived experience in our evaluation
See whether the changes that Changing Futures makes to services are effective
Share what we learn across different services and systems
Effective start/end date1/06/2231/03/24


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