Charlemagne: A European Icon

  • Ailes, Marianne J (Principal Investigator)
  • Bennett, Philip (Co-Investigator)
  • Hardman, Phillipa (Co-Investigator)
  • Fulton, Helen (Collaborator)
  • Rikhardsdottir, Sif (Collaborator)
  • Bailey, Matthew (Collaborator)
  • Giles, Ryan (Collaborator)
  • Purkis, William (Collaborator)
  • Gabriele, Matthew (Collaborator)
  • Classen, Albrecht (Collaborator)
  • Boscolo, Claudia (Collaborator)
  • Everson, Jane (Collaborator)

Project Details


A Network project examining the ways in which Charlemagne material from medieval chronicle and epic has been appropriated by different linguistic cultures of medieval Europe; as a supplementary question the project will investigate the later reception in these cultures of the adapted medieval material, as Charlemagne continues to be considered a symbol of a wider cultural identity within in Europe.

Layman's description

This project explores the way the narratives about Charlemagne have been treated across Europe, with Charlemagne variously a figure of national pride, of enmity (in Medieval Spain) or of European unity.
Effective start/end date8/04/12 → …


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