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This project brings together climate scientists and expert educators to pilot transdisciplinary generation of Climate Change Education (CCE) resources for schools. We will co-produce 3 sets of curriculum-aligned, age-appropriate resources, each featuring the work of a UoB climate scientist:
• A video interview/presentation from the scientist– explaining research outcomes in non-specialist terms, focused/informed by curriculum specialists.
• Ideas for incorporating within specific subjects
• Supporting classroom resource(s)(e.g. data)
• An online event featuring the scientist, e.g. responding to student questions
The project will maximise and measure effectiveness of materials across school subjects and age groups. Outcomes will be published online alongside instruments for their evaluation, inviting teachers to collaborate in assessing impact on student understanding, attitudes and behaviour.

The project builds on discussions hosted by GW4’s CCE Research Network (CCERN) identifying the potential value of more direct and educationally informed pathways for climate scientists to achieve measurable impact in schools. The project is unique in initiating a sustainable “university -> school” transfer process, informed by educational expertise, while simultaneously providing data collection for evidencing impact and generating publishable educational research.
Effective start/end date1/10/2131/07/22

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  • SoE Centre for Teaching Learning and Curriculum


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