Commemoration, Conflict & Conscience

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Lois Bibbings, Professor of Law, Gender and History, is leading a national festival in Bristol April-May 2019. The AHRC funded event, Commemoration, Conflict & Conscience, focuses on lesser known stories or hidden histories of the First World War, its legacy and commemoration, alienation from commemoration, war resistance and peace-building today. Topics include: conscientious objectors to military service; the Shot at Dawn campaign; mutinies; desertion and absenteeism; colonial experiences and impacts; women’s peace activism; treatment of veterans; a century of opposition to war; and alternatives to officially sponsored commemoration.

The festival is timed to coincide with the centenary of the release of absolutist conscientious objectors from prison. These men refused to aid the war in any way, whether on political, moral or religious grounds. Some experienced extremely harsh treatment, including beatings, when in military hands, some went on hunger strike and were force-fed.

The aim of this public event is to unite existing community groups and researchers, focusing on their work to date & generating new research; to showcasing existing artistic work and performances and fostering new creative projects. So the festival will bring together community groups, local historians, academics, campaigners and activists, artists and performers.

Events and activities are running throughout the city in April-May, from puppet walks to community print nights and exhibitions.

The focal point of the festival is a free open access weekend at M Shed and the SouthBank Club in the centre of the city, Saturday 27th-Sunday 28th April.
Effective start/end date1/04/181/05/19

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