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The study emerges at the intersections of Classics, Comparative Literature, Translation and Adaptation Studies, and Mathematical Sciences, and explores the classically-oriented poetics and practice of a series of contemporary poets, many of whom are translators, philosophers, academics, architects and mathematicians. These are either established (e.g. Anne Carson, Simon Armitage, Daljit Nagra, Josephine Balmer, Alice Oswald) or newly established/upcoming authors (e.g. Phoebe Giannisi, Anna Jackson, Gillian Sze, Paula Jiménez) from South America, North America, Australia, New Zealand, Greece, and the UK. The project aims to draw attention to contemporary reconfigurations of antiquity which blend creative and academic thought and practices, as well as offering a new catalogue of poetic voices on the classical world.
Effective start/end date13/01/2010/01/22


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