Countering Colston

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The Countering Colston campaign has sought to change how Bristol engages with the history and legacies of slavery. It has used critiques of the city's long-standing commemorations of Edward Colston to open conversation about slavery and its ongoing racial and economic legacies. In my participation as a philosopher, I have focused on clarifying debates around the ethics of altering colonial iconography and other contested heritage in public space. I have helped articulate the philosophical foundations of the campaign, and given clear, simple and balanced arguments to support the campaign while representing opposing views fairly and in their strongest forms. This work has received attention from a wide range of heritage institutions, such as Historic England; students and scholars from other disciplines, such as the Institute for Historic Justice and Reconciliation, and local, national and international media including BBC Film Scotland, the Spectator, the Financial Times Magazine, and others.
Effective start/end date1/01/1631/12/20


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