• Rycroft, Eleanor K (Collaborator)
  • Nichols, George (Principal Investigator)
  • de Ville, Hannah (Collaborator)
  • Anand, Jessie (Collaborator)

Project Details


COVEN will be an accessible reinvention of two early modern witch plays: THELATE LANCASHIRE WITCHES and THE WITCH OF EDMONTON. I am offering academic and dramaturgical support to the creative team during the research and development process, in order to workshop these texts with ten community groups across the country. We will think about what made the plays so popular originally, and about their themes of gender, power, discrimination and othering. Following the workshops, I will consult during a week-long practical R&D with 5 actors at the University of Bristol to develop ideas that will form the basis of an adaptation of the plays.
Effective start/end date1/02/211/09/21


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