CRAWDAD dataset eurecom/elasticmon5g2019 (v. 2019-08-29)

  • Vasilakos, Xenofon (Principal Investigator)
  • Koksal, Berkay (Principal Investigator)
  • Schmidt, Robert (Principal Investigator)
  • Nikaein, Navid (Principal Investigator)

Project Details


5G networks generate massive (quasi-) real-time data streams that different network apps can exploit to implement sophisticated single- or cross-domain control and management logic. This paper presents ElasticSDK, a Software Development Kit specially designed to abstract the development and chaining of such agile 5G monitoring apps for the control, management, and coordination of the underlying 5G network heterogeneous modules. Custom apps can collect, incrementally process and further expose flows in a flexible Pub/Sub fashion via appropriate SDK API calls, thus sharing both raw and complex data flows among themselves. Furthermore, the design of ElasticSDK allows respecting typical 5G data ownership and privacy models, as desired by the different 5G stakeholders ranging from physical infrastructure providers up to service providers over slicing.
StatusNot started


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