• Wilson, Rebecca.C. (Researcher)
  • Turner, Andrew J (Researcher)
  • Butters, Oliver (Researcher)
  • Gaye, Amadou (Researcher)
  • Murtagh, Madeleine J (Researcher)
  • Murtagh, Barnaby P P (Collaborator)
  • Burton, Paul R (Principal Investigator)
  • Minion, Joel T (Researcher)
  • Isaeva, Julia (Collaborator)
  • Ferretti, Vincent (Collaborator)
  • Marcon, Yannick (Collaborator)
  • Parley, Neil R (Researcher)
  • Avraam, Demetris (Researcher)

Project Details


Data Aggregation Through Anonymous Summary-statistics from Harmonized Individual levEL Databases

Layman's description

2. DataSHIELD uses distributed computing and parallelized analysis to enable full pooled meta-analysis of individual level data without the need to access the individual level data at each study.
Effective start/end date1/07/13 → …