Design and manufacture of innovative, next generation carbon fibres to establish a new UK capability

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BCI-ACCIS has a longstanding research background in the development and exploitation of new materials and novel fibres. In conjunction with the NCC, a globally leading, critical mass of research and routes to exploitation exist in Bristol.
Carbon Nexus, a globally unique, open-access carbon fibre/composite research facility, is open for business and conducting strategic research projects with industry.
Currently, no industrial scale fibre manufacturing facility is accessible in either BCI-ACCIS or NCC, or indeed anywhere in the UK.
Seek growth of an existing informal relationship to a strategic partnership between Bristol and Deakin, working on the topic of new fibre development which will exploit both partners background, skills, expertise and facilities.
Bond, Eichhorn and Hamerton are the Bristol team with relevant materials expertise to create a carbon fibre facility here in Bristol.
Effective start/end date9/06/1815/06/18


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