Developing a methodology for the empowerment of teachers-as-researchers in the context of Sustainability and Climate Change Education

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Our goal is to inform development of a toolkit to support educators in capturing useful data from within their institutions about sustainability and climate change education (with a view to such an approach being useful for other organisations and contexts). We are working alongside a design team of teachers, school leaders and academics that has emerged through CCERN to develop a framework for the content of a research toolkit; in this context, we will be opening spaces in which to reimagine our relationships with data collection and realisation, through engaging with partner(s) in design / creative technologies. Through a series of conversations at key points of trialling the toolkit design, we will explore alternative perspectives and approaches that support the pragmatics of gathering data and open possibilities for seeing these data in new ways.
Effective start/end date1/04/2130/07/21

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  • SoE Educational Futures Network


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