Developing a UoB Partnership on gender, food and sustainability

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This project will establishing a research partnership around gender, sustainability and food with the University of Technology, Sydney. This visit will also leverage the IS fund to conduct a joint pilot project on women food entrepreneurs, facilitated by Dr Elaine Swan’s established local contacts with food social enterprises. Sydney, Australia is a potent site to conduct this fieldwork given its diverse migrant population’s involvement in the food industry and its leading role as a sustainable food city.

The partnership between UoB and UTS will be developed through the following activities during and after the visit:
-A workshop on gender, food and sustainability at UTS’ Institute for Sustainable Futures in December 2016
-preparing a Benjamin Meaker application for Dr Swan’s visit to Bristol’s Gender Research Centre in Spring 2017
-Conduct 10 Pilot Qualitative interviews with women food entrepreneurs in Sydney
- submit a funding application for a large comparative project to investigate the role of women food entrepreneurs in the global sustainable movement in Australia, UK and one developing country to the ESRC open call (with Swan/UTS as an international co-investigator) and to the ARC Discovery programme call
Effective start/end date24/11/1631/07/17


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