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Developing Creativity in the Primary Mathematics Curriculum

Funding organisationRayne Foundation


This project will tackle underachievement in mathematics by combining the creativity of arts education practices with primary mathematics teaching, via a collaboration between the charity "5x5x5=creativity" and the University of Bristol. For us, 'creativity' in mathematics includes: following your own lines of inquiry, noticing patterns, making predictions, choosing methods of representation and reflection. In 2010-11 we ran a successful pilot with one school demonstrating that, via a focus on the creative process, students with low prior attainment can be motivated and successful on tasks at a far higher level than they are normally offered (e.g., using algebra). Our focus on the continuing professional development of staff on the pilot led, in their words, to them standing back and listening to students more, and taking more seriously their students' thinking. We will build on the experience of this pilot and set up a network of staff to share and develop approaches to tackling underachievement through creativity in mathematics. We will work with three schools in the first year, five in the second and disseminate nationally.

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  • SoE Mathematics Education Research Network
  • SoE Artful Narrative Inquiry Network

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