Digital Tattoo: Designing interface for Controlling Smart Ink in Programmable Tattoo

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Digital inks to produce digital tattoos are conceptually around since a long time but no one has critically examine how to make i t happen. This project aims at to explore the first step to make this a reality. We aim to use digital ink made of programmable particles that can change their color and thus allow creating digital tattoo. This ink, called e-ink, i s typically used to display text on ebook reader. Because of its versatility and easiness to control (an electrical field to change them from one color to another) we want to explore the feasibility of embedding this within flexible material that mimic human skin. Note that embedding ink directly i n human skin i s out of scope of the project but the goal will be to highlight directions to be explored for follow-up work and larger grant fundings in which this will be made possible.
Effective start/end date1/01/2031/07/20


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