• Smart, Nigel P (Principal Investigator)

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The ECYPT-CSA consortium consists of five leading players in cryptographic research, including one SME. In order to ensure the involvement of the broader community, the project will build on a Research Advisory Board consisting of leading European researchers and a Strategic Advisory Board with leading experts from the security industry and relevant government actors.

The project will help to bridge the gap between academic research on the one hand and standards and industry innovations on the other hand, hereby strengthening the European industrial landscape in a strategic area. The project will result in the availability of more trustworthy security and privacy solutions `made in Europe’, resulting in an increased user trust in ICT and online services and empowerment of users to take control over their data and trust relations. The work will also result in more resilient critical infrastructures and services. The project intends to reach out beyond its constituency to the broader public and to policy makers.

Alternative titleEuropean Coordination and Support Action in Cryptology
Effective start/end date1/03/1528/02/18


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