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This project aims to lay the foundations for a new area of research and practice with potential applications across the fields of education, the arts, policy-making and social movement building, namely: Temporal Pedagogy, or the ‘education of the temporal imagination’. To do this, it brings together expertise in education, futures and anticipation theory; artistic practice related to the materialisation of time and duration; and pedagogic expertise in the area of creative imaginative inquiry. The project will mobilise these different perspectives to begin to explore and develop a set of material practices that support individuals and groups to: 1) sense and feel time passing in various rhythms and tempos; 2) explore deep time; 3) encounter and work with complex time; 4) engage with the temporalities of other individuals and groups; 5) apply these experiences of diverse temporal frames to ‘contemporary’ social and political questions.
Effective start/end date1/03/2230/09/22


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