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The RCUK Energy programme is currently consulting on a potential future ‘End Use Energy Demand’ funding programme, which it describes as: embracing energy efficiency measures, reduction in demand for energy, and reduction in demand for energy services / mobility - all of which should contribute to reducing carbon emissions from energy use. It includes research extending from the built environment to industrial processes and products, from materials to design and from markets and regulation to organisational and individual behaviour. RCUK have stated that they have £40-60M to invest in this area. In response to this interdisciplinary approach to energy demand research, this workshop aims to encourage networking within the university, as well as building connections with potential partners outside the university, and to create a conversation about possible future research. It will be an opportunity for UoB to establish a coherent identity in this emerging research area to take advantage of this new RCUK initiative, and to develop collaborations across disciplines with potential for excellent academic outputs.

A collaboration developed from this workshop between Bristol Green Doors and Chris Preist at the UoB which resulted in the Digital Green Doors project being funded through the RCs Digital Economy program.
Effective start/end date1/01/101/01/11

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  • Cabot Institute Low Carbon Energy Research


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