Evaluating "We Can Move": A Whole Systems Approach to Addressing Physical Inactivity in Gloucestershire

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In Gloucestershire, two thirds of people don’t meet the physical activity recommendations. Active Gloucestershire, a charity based in Gloucester, has secured funding over three years to develop and deliver a whole systems approach to address physical inactivity called Gloucestershire Moves. A whole systems approach looks at the complex web of factors that cause a problem, and then aims to identify parts of the system that can be changed.
Gloucestershire Moves aims to help 30,000 people become active, which is defined as doing 150 minutes or more of activity a week. To achieve this, they want to make physical activity the norm across Gloucestershire. They are targeting the physical environment including transport infrastructure, workplaces, communities and schools. This requires help and support from everyone working in Gloucestershire, including the County Council, the NHS trusts, the voluntary and community sector and citizens themselves.
NIHR ARC West and colleagues from the University of Bristol’s School for Policy Studies are Active Gloucestershire’s evaluation partner for Gloucestershire Moves.
Alternative titleEvaluation of We Can Move
Effective start/end date1/05/1930/04/21


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