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We have developed an interactive workshop aimed at Year 5 and 6 children (initially) that extols the virtues of making healthy lifestyle choices. The workshop is closely aligned with the National Curriculum for Science and Physical Education, and has a strong and relevant educational underpinning.

We use innovative technology and real-time data, hands-on experiments, and creative tasks to deliver the workshops. The workshop builds awareness of the importance of healthy lifestyle choices for children, and encourages them to think critically about their everyday physical activity and nutritional choices.

FAB Kids is funded by a Hefce, UnLtd and University of Bristol (UoB) Give it a Go Fund, FSSL Widening Participation and Outreach Grant, and a UoB Research Staff Development Grant.
AcronymFood, Activity, Bodies workshop
Effective start/end date1/07/1331/07/15

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Active7: Rework of Bristol Girls Dance Project - NIHR Public Health Board

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Project: Research

  • PEAR - Physical environment and activity relationships in adolescence

    Page, A. S., Cooper, A. R., Jones, A., Cummins, S., Moore, L. & Tibbitts, B. P.


    Project: Research