FULLCOMP: FULLy integrated analysis, design, manufacturing and health-monitoring of COMPosite structures

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The main aim and novelty of this project is the creation of a multidisciplinary, intersectoral and international research training network based on a strong academic basis and industrial partnerships for a new generation of top talented young researchers that will work in the European academic and industrial scenarios. The multidisciplinary features are guaranteed by the presence of 7 universities, 1 research centre and 1 industry. The intersectoral approach will be pursued by including secondments and specific industrial training requirements in each individual project. The consortium is composed by partners from 8 countries. OTC partners were included for secondment and training opportunities; they were chosen on the basis of their expertise and to enhance the internationality features of the training. Their presence is seen as an opportunity for the European partners and researchers to strengthen competencies. The full spectrum of the design of composite structures will be dealt with - manufacturing, health-monitoring, failure, modelling, multiscale approaches, testing, prognosis and prognostic - to develop integrated analysis tools to improve the design of composites.
Effective start/end date1/06/1531/05/19


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