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Education and Digital Cultures

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Futurelab was an independent research organisation established in 2001 to bring together expertise from education research, creative digital media, computing and educational practice to create new approaches to designing and using technologies in education. We were particularly interested in the questions that games cultures asked of formal education, in the potential of children-created mobile media, in the design of playful, exploratory learning environments. An archive of the over 60 R&D projects ranging from augmented reality african savannahs overlaid on school playing fields, to a playful resource for educational innovation, is available through the link below. In 2012, Futurelab became part of the NFER and is now focused primarily on supporting schools to innovate.
Effective start/end date1/01/021/01/08

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  • WUNeducation
  • Cabot Institute City Futures Research


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  • Enquiring Minds

    Facer, K., Morgan, J. W., Williamson, B. P. & Payton, S. R.


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