Globalising Geographies of Research

  • Larner, Wendy (Principal Investigator)
  • Valdes, Paul J (Researcher)
  • Olds, Kris N (Researcher)
  • Parnell, Sue (Researcher)
  • Le heron, Richard (Researcher)
  • Lewis, Nick (Researcher)
  • Wei, Ian P (Researcher)
  • Yeld, Nan (Researcher)
  • Orpen, A G (Researcher)
  • Bean, Martin (Collaborator)
  • Bousquet, Gilles (Collaborator)
  • Gist, Peter (Collaborator)
  • Newman, Joanna (Collaborator)
  • Thrift, Nigel J (Principal Investigator)
  • Mok, KaHo J (Collaborator)
  • Marginson, Simon (Collaborator)
  • Lauder, Hugh (Collaborator)
  • Stambach, Amy (Collaborator)
  • Langley, David B (Other )
  • Douglas, Rowan (Collaborator)
  • Kirkland, John (Principal Investigator)
  • Swafford, Glen (Collaborator)
  • Swanepoel, Frans (Collaborator)
  • Rogers, John (Collaborator)
  • Sparke, Matthew (Collaborator)


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Social Sciences