Glued-in Rods for Cross-laminated Timber – New possibilities in multi-storey construction

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In light of the UK net zero target by 2050, there has been an increase in multi-storey CLT (Cross Laminated Timber) residential buildings with the Dalston Lane ten-storey building being a renowned example. The proposed study seeks to investigate a new type of connection for CLT buildings with Glued-in steel Rods (GiRs). GiRs enable connection of two CLT walls, deviating from the standard platform construction method, and connection of CLT with other structural elements, such as concrete walls in hybrid buildings. They can provide a higher degree of flexibility and structural efficiency in CLT buildings. The aim of the study is to conduct experiments to characterise the performance of GiRs in CLT and propose design equations for practitioners. Pull-pull, Shear Force and Beam Cantilever tests will be conducted to assess the axial withdrawal and lateral resistance, and the combined effects of axial and shear stresses respectively in the failure loads and modes of the GiRs in CLT. The project is funded via the EPSRC Net Zero Impact Acceleration Account.
Effective start/end date1/01/2231/07/22


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