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Grief affects everyone, yet remains taboo, with bereaved people often unsupported and isolated. We will hold a city-wide festival on grief and bereavement in 2020/21 (Good Grief, Bristol), focussed on engaging disadvantaged young people and members of BME communities, who access bereavement support less than other groups.

The festival will be developed via consultation with community partners and will include:
i. Grief & Arts workshops for young people and schools outreach;
ii. Community events funded by a small grants scheme;
iii. A multi-disciplinary conference about grief;
iv. A weekend festival including talks, performances and workshops.

Primary outcomes are empowering >2500 community members to access and respond to grief and bereavement research; comparing methods of public engagement to provide actionable research data relevant to other sensitive topics; and recruiting a diverse group of ≥30 members of the public to a public involvement and engagement panel to inform research across the South

Our team includes major cultural venues and expertise in health research, evaluation, the arts, community engagement, bereavement support and event management.
Effective start/end date1/11/1931/10/20


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