Gust and Manoeuvre Loads Alleviation

  • Darwich Ajjour, Abdel R (Principal Investigator)

Project Details


During certain manoeuvres it is beneficial for civil transport aircraft to reduce or alleviate aerodynamic loads by concentrating lift inboard to reduce the wing root bending moment. Such Manoeuvre Load Alleviation (MLA) systems respond automatically to manoeuvres commanded from the pilot by coordinate deflections of the outer ailerons and spoilers. Minimising the wing root
bending moment using the MLA allows structural weight to be reduced or span to be increased for improved performance. Such devices can also be used to alleviate the dynamic loads on the structure due to a gust encounter. This research will use CFD coupled to a wing structural model to
investigate the aerodynamic behaviour of a novel aerodynamic device for MLA and GLA. The research will determine the most effective mean of load alleviation compared to a conventional control surface arrangement. The study will consider aspects such as aero modelling fidelity, aeroelastics, aircraft response, actuation requirements and system weight.
StatusNot started


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