Hearts and Minds: developing an arts-based and values-led training curriculum to address HIV stigma in mainstream healthcare settings

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This project will deliver a community co-produced CPD training featuring a creative production (eg. film) – paired with a workshop to provoke values-based interaction. A Community Panel of HIV+ people and health workers will lead HIV charities/ artists/academics in the co-production and initial piloting of this innovative values-based CPD curriculum. Using an arts-based approach increases reflexivity, an underused but necessary ingredient in tackling HIV stigma. We will mobilise creative methods to change hearts as well as minds. This work is made possibly by funding from the Department of Health and Social Care, through the HIV and Sexual and Reproductive Health Innovation Fund.

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Stigma and discrimination is a big issue faced by people with HIV. These attitudes can hurt most when faced in mainstream health services (for example from any member of staff in in: GPs, hospital clinics, community pharmacy, dentistry, eye care or antenatal/midwifery services). Our arts-based project aims to find creative ways to shift the negative attitude of healthcare staff who may hold stigmatising views, and empower their colleagues to challenge such beliefs.

This is a co-produced project, meaning that the Project Team will enable our Community Panel as the leaders who will design and test out a new type of HIV training package for people who work in health.
Alternative titleHearts and Minds
Effective start/end date1/10/2131/03/22

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