Improving C&I Design for Testability (R&D on Reactor Design – Safety)

Project Details


There is significant ongoing research in to the use of testing techniques for embedded system software. As a concept it is moving quickly, driven by applications in commercial, military and industrial products. This project aims to review both established and emerging test techniques, and identify how they can be applied in nuclear Control and Instrumentation (‘C&I’) development lifecycles. By promoting test and the system requirements to support test, the project will contribute to lower costs in platform and device development, and more efficient safety demonstration.

Layman's description

This is part of the the BEIS-funded Nuclear Innovation Programme for the UK, with the aim to understand existing advances and potential new development strategies for demonstrating confidence in critical nuclear control & instrumentation.

Key findings

As software systems become more complex and more difficult to assure, attention is becoming focused on how we can gain confidence in these critical systems. There are many diverse techniques available, and some of thesde are under active development. With the exception of statistical testing and formal proof methods, their contribution to confidence in systems remains largely qualitative.
Effective start/end date1/05/1925/10/20