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This project brings urgent attention to the circumstances of secondary school pupils who have experienced fixed-term or permanent exclusion from mainstream schooling in Bristol within the last 12 months during the pandemic context. School exclusion rates reflect wider structural inequalities in the education system in England. Black Caribbean pupils (alongside those who are of Black Caribbean and white heritage) continually experience exclusion in the largest proportions (Demie, 2021; DfE, 2021). Young people living in areas of high deprivation as well as those with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) also experience disproportionate rates of exclusion (Daniels et al., 2020). Arguably the systematic exclusion of pupils from schooling in England is itself a pandemic, but also, it is a structural inequality which we would expect to see exacerbated during the coronavirus pandemic and associated school closures. Recent reports have highlighted the additional problematics illuminated for young people who experience exclusion from school during school closures in the context of the pandemic (Daniels et al., 2020). This research fellowship takes a co-productive approach to uncovering the unique issues these young people are facing, as well as considering how we can best support them to be re-integrated and re-engaged with education and schooling, as schools re-open following lockdown across England.
Effective start/end date22/03/2131/07/21

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