International Centre for Infrastructure Futures (SPS)

  • Marsh, Alex D (Principal Investigator)
  • Taylor, Colin (Co-Principal Investigator)
  • Collins, Brian (Co-Principal Investigator)

Project Details


ICIF brings together social scientists, engineers, industrialists, policy makers and other stakeholders to understand how better to exploit the technical and market opportunities that emerge from the increased interdependence of infrastructure systems.

The aim is:
• To achieve a major improvement in policy making and commercialisation of future infrastructure provision, from design to operation, using a multidisciplinary approach to value capture and the generation of new business models.
• To use a systems thinking rationale applied to all relevant aspects of infrastructure provision, especially dealing with interdependencies.
• To accelerate and embed relevant learning in academia, in government and in commerce through deep engagement with participants’ networks.

The SPS contribution focuses on policy and governance, including the role of public participation and co-production in infrastructure planning and delivery. An area of focus for exploring these issues is smart city policy.
Effective start/end date1/09/1531/12/16

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  • SPS Centre for Urban and Public Policy Research


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