International Organization for Migration's Global Migration Data Analysis Centre

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This secondment is designed to build collaboration between the University of Bristol and the International Organization for Migration’s Global Migration Data Analysis Centre (IOM GMDAC). Ann Singleton is Senior Advisor to IOM GMDAC and the link with Worldwide Universities Network activities led by Ann Singleton and by Frank Laczko, Director of IOM GMDAC. The secondment enables and supports several initiatives, including: a jointly edited series of Data Briefings; data capacity building in West Africa; a Co-I role in the ESRC funded Mediterranean Missing project, led by the University of York; Singleton’s leadership of the WUN Migration, Development and Global Transformations (MDGT) RDF project, including workshops at the WUN AGM and Migration Conference held at the University of Maastricht in April 2016. The University of Bristol will also host a Symposium (in March 2017) and a Summer School (in July 2017), both on Migration Data for Policy and the SDGs.

The secondment led to the establishment of WUN's Strategic Alliance with IOM
AcronymIOM's GMDAC
Effective start/end date1/09/18 → …

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