Investigating the role of the STE kinase STK24/MST3 in platelet function and thrombosis

  • Hers, Ingeborg (Principal Investigator)
  • Moore, Samantha Frances (Co-Investigator)
  • Garcia, Angel (Principal Investigator)

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STK24/MST3 is a Ser/Thr kinase that has been demonstrated in neutrophils to coordinate Munc13-4 driven release of secretory granules. Similar secretatory machinary exists in platelets and has been demonstrated to play a critical role in not only amplifying platelet function but also driving platelet-mediated thrombosis, thrombo-inflammation (as seen in stroke) and tumour progression/ metastasis. However despite STK24/MST3 being abundantly expressed in platelets its role in regulating platelet secretion has yet to be determined.

We have already established in some preliminary experiments that STK24/MST3 is activated in response a range of platelet agonists and identified potential STK24/MST3 substrates. We have also established using commerically available kinase inhibitors with reported inhibitory effects against STK24/MST3 that STK24/MST3 is likely to regulate platelet secretion. In order to further investigate and strengthen our findings we wish to use a STK24/MST3 transgenic mouse model; a colony of which are located at the CIMUS in Santiago de Compostela.

Prof Garcia head of the platelet proteomics group at CIMUS has invited us to his lab to perform preliminary experiments. His own current research interests employ the use of proteomics technology and classical biochemistry to examine signal transduction events in platelets. With a focus not only on examining these pathways in healthy individuals but in patients with obesity and coronary artery disease.

These research interests align well with my own and therefore I hope that this visit will not only provide preliminary data for this project that will be the basis of a grant application but also intiate further future collaborations.
Effective start/end date22/05/1823/07/19


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