Jean Monnet Chair in European Politics

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The Jean Monnet Chair will identify synergies and build capacity in European Studies at the University of Bristol. The primary aim of the project is for the JMC to create a focal point for research and teaching collaboration. This will entail the creation by the JMC of a Bristol European Studies Network; and the use of this network to develop new teaching and research initiatives, both within the framework of this project and beyond it.

The JMC will, through the support provided, initiate new links with local community and the general public; it will establish new contacts with national policy-makers; and will develop new relationships between Bristol and a community of international scholars doing research on the EU.

The substantive focus of the project is post-crisis Europe, with a particular focus on (a) the emergence of new thinking on EU governance and EU politics since 2008; and (b) the debate on the future of the UK’s role in Europe. These themes reflect the current teaching and research interests and expertise of the applicant, whilst allowing for collaboration with scholars at Bristol in the context of the new Bristol European Studies Network.
Effective start/end date1/10/1430/09/17


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