Leverhulme Visiting Research Professor in Mobilities, Race and Political Economy

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Victoria Hattam, Professor of Politics, The New School for Social Research (TNSSR), New York, is MMB’s Leverhulme Visiting Professor 2023-24.
Professor Hattam’s work is focused on shifting the boundaries of migration studies by considering production and trade alongside migration and human (im)mobilities. She also brings a wealth of experience in relation to visuality and method.

Professor Hattam will be spending a total of seven months at the University of Bristol sharing skills, expertise and building collaborative projects. Her visit will enhance the skills and knowledge of staff and doctoral researchers at UoB and catalyse and embed long-term exchange and mutual learning between UoB and The New School for Social Research (TNSSR).

MMB and Professor Hattam have together developed a programme of ‘Leverhulme Lectures’, workshops and meetings which will help develop cutting edge perspectives on key global social challenges. The programme will take place over two visits: In June and July 2023 we are kickstarting a methodological conversation that rethinks the relation between imagination and evidence. The longer second visit between February and June 2024 will incorporate this learning to develop MMB’s empirical research and theoretical approaches to mobilities with a distinctive focus on political economies.
Effective start/end date9/07/2328/06/24


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