Literature Review: Critical Raw Materials and Green Extractivism in Colombia

Project Details


This project was funded by the FSSL Faculty Strategic Research Fund, and covered the cost of hiring a Research Associate for 8 weeks.

Together with the RA, the PI conducted a literature review on the impacts of, and policy and social movement responses to, green extractivism in Colombia, that is, the extraction of raw materials critical for low-carbon transitions, and ‘clean’ energy such as green hydrogen, wind or solar. The project employed a scoping review method, combining database searches in SCOPUS, Policy Commons and Overton with a grey literature search. In total, 32 documents were included in the review.
Effective start/end date16/10/2331/01/24

Structured keywords

  • Environment and Society
  • Cabot Institute Environmental Change Research
  • SPAIS Global Insecurities Centre
  • Climate Crisis
  • Decoloniality and Race


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