Mapping the sovereign frontier

  • Duffield, Mark R (Principal Investigator)

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Through its association with security, development has long been a defining frontier discourse. Contingent sovereignty, especially in Africa, for example, is associated with the emergence of ‘governance states’. In such places as Uganda, Tanzania and Mozambique, while territorial integrity is respected, donor governments, IFIs, UN agencies and NGOs exercise significant influence and managerial control over the design and delivery of core human security functions. In relation to failed or fragile states, it could be argued that current policy envisages transforming them into governance states. In this respect, such place as Sierra Leone, Kosovo, Afghanistan, East Timor and Iraq function as laboratories for techniques to consolidate the West’s external sovereign frontier. Besides zones of crisis, this raises questions about the spatial characteristics, regional differences and nature of the frontier more widely. The research seeks to explore the nature and significance of such variations and differences.
Effective start/end date1/01/0630/09/06

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  • SPAIS Global Insecurities Centre