• Carmichael, Amanda J (Principal Investigator)

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The Horizon 2020 MEDIRAD project on implications of medical low dose radiation exposure aims to enhance the scientific bases and clinical practice of radiation protection in the medical field and thereby addresses the need to understand and evaluate the health effects of low dose ionising radiation exposure from diagnostic and therapeutic imaging and from off-target effects in radiotherapy.
MEDIRAD pursues three major operational objectives:

First, it will improve organ dose estimation and registration to inform clinical practice, optimise doses, set recommendations and provide adequate dosimetry for clinical-epidemiological studies of effects of medical radiation.
Second, it aims to evaluate and understand the effects of medical exposures, focusing on the two major endpoints of public health relevance: cardiovascular effects of low to moderate doses of radiation from radiotherapy in breast cancer treatment incl. understanding of mechanisms; and long-term effects on cancer risk of low doses from CT in children.
Third, it will develop science-based consensus policy recommendations for the effective protection of patients, workers and the general public.
Alternative titleImplications of Medical Low Dose Radiation Exposure
Effective start/end date1/06/1731/05/21


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