MIGPROSP (Prospects for International Migration)

  • Acosta, Diego (Principal Investigator)
  • Geddes, Andrew (Principal Investigator)

Project Details


This is a five year project funded by the European Research Council Advanced Grants scheme with 2.1 million Euros and awarded to Professor Andrew Geddes in the Department of Politics at the University of Sheffield as Principal Investigator.

The MIGPROSP project begins from a relatively simple idea: we know quite a lot about why people move and we also know quite a lot about the legal and policy responses in the places to which they move. We know less about how people within these governance systems (politicians, officials and a range of other actors) understand international migration and how these understandings shape the possibilities and limits of migration governance.

The MIGPROSP project’s main aim is to know more about what could be called the ‘micro-political’ foundations that shape the context of choice for individuals within migration governance systems. The project then asks how this context of choice influences and shapes the capacity of governance systems to respond now and in the future to the challenges associated with international migration. Or put more simply, how do actors within these systems understand international migration? How susceptible are these understandings to change? And what do these understandings and possible change in them mean now and in the future for the governance of international migration at state, regional and international levels?

The MIGPROSP project will focus in particular on Europe, North America, South America and the Asia-Pacific region because of the significant variations in migration governance within these regions. Dr Acosta is mainly conducting interviews and research for the project in Europe and South America. He is particularly interested in processes of mobility in both regions and in the construction of a South American citizenship and its similarities or differences with European citizenship.
Effective start/end date1/04/1431/03/19


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