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Nano-fluids (NFs) are colloidal suspensions of nano-species (NS) that are electrostatically or sterically stabilised, with aqueous NFs including nanoparticle suspensions (silica, sulfate latex), polyelectrolytes, and self-assembled structures including micelles, polymersomes and liposomes. NFs are used in many industrial/practical applications, including controlling colloidal assembly of larger nano- and micro-sized species in solution, improving heat flux in industrial processes and solar collectors, reducing friction in oils and greases, enhanced drug delivery and as MRI contrast agents. A unique property of NFs is their modified spreading/flowing behaviour on surfaces due to internal structuring forces between NS, which enables NFs to displace immiscible liquids from surfaces
Alternative titleShear at the liquid/nano-fluid interface: Drag, slip, and friction
Effective start/end date1/09/2131/08/23


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