Narrowing the justice gap for victims of gender-based violence

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Gender-based violence (GBV) sector organisations believe that what victims/survivors perceive as ‘justice’ is not currently reflected in justice systems. This project will build on the ESRC-funded Justice, Inequality and Gender-Based Violence project (2015– 2018) which has helped us to understand how ‘justice’ (in its wider sense) is understood, sought and experienced by victims/survivors of GBV. The aim of this project is to deepen and track impact over six months, by working closely with two key partners (police and a specialist domestic and sexual abuse organistation) to translate the ‘ESRC justice’ research findings into practice and policy (at local, regional and national level) in order to maximise agency effectiveness for victims/survivors of gender-based violence and narrow the gap between the types of ‘justice’ that victims/survivors actually want and the outcomes currently achievable via existing justice systems.

Funded by ESRC/IAA.
Effective start/end date19/05/1831/03/19

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