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This is a pilot study to explore environmental opportunities and constraints for pre-school children’s play, social interaction, physical activity and healthy eating with Somali families through a co-production approach - Neighbourhood walkabout and Photovoice. The study also involves photo-exhibitions where the photos taken by participants serve as a vehicle for dialogue with city policy-makers and stakeholders around neighbourhood environment.

Key findings

Proposal for Community Infrastructure Levy: Improving young children's opportunities for play and social interaction in local parks

The philosophy we share is to aim for separate areas within each park, targeted to be attractive to each age group (pre-school, primary, secondary/youth, and adults), with the potential for parents to sit together with others, or exercise, while able to view all the different children's areas. The scale of this should fit the size of the park - for example within a small park the parent needs might represent a single piece of good-quality exercise equipment for adults/older youth as well as benches that can view the different child/youth areas; parks might need reshaping to help them to be a place that people use rather than just moving through - improving the play spaces to surround areas that parents can meet together could go a long way to meet this goal; the scale of a larger park gives it huge potential to become a key destination for families from a wider area, which we hope this proposal can start developing.

Improving the amenities for stressed, overloaded parents is a key aspect of this proposal - the improvements should make parks feel safe and restful for parents through ensuring child-safe fencing and gates as appropriate for the pre-school and primary school areas as well as the potential to view from a central position; having youth-friendly areas alongside areas for younger children allows the possibility of older children supervising younger ones while themselves having a positive experience and reducing the load on parents.
Effective start/end date1/04/1811/09/19


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